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With some time on my hands I invited your questions on Instagram

I hope you enjoy reading my answers. I’ll update this list from time to time. Please get in touch if you have a question that you would like to ask, I’ll try my best to answer it.


What was your biggest struggle when you first started your journey in pottery?

In the beginning my biggest struggle came when trying to match the ideas in my head with my limited ability.

A year ago I had never even used a potters wheel.

I’ve learnt to slow down, to embrace mistakes and to realise that the journey to becoming a Potter is long.

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Can you name some potters that you take inspiration from?

It would be a long list…

At the top would be Japanese Potter Takashi Endo @t_endoh

Over the last 6 months I’ve been mentored by potter Chris Taylor. As well as being an accomplished artists, he’s also an incredible and very patient teacher. I’ve gained huge amounts of technical knowledge while working with him.

While not a potter, I find huge inspiration in the work of wood carver Daniel Wester

How did you get financially ready to spend a year potting?

The truth - I didn’t.

I’ve mopped the floors, tidied the studio, mixed glazes and helped to load and unload the kilns - in return for extra time at the wheel. Eager to find a way to develop and grow my own practice further I began a part-time apprenticeship at Clay Works Studios.

This support has enabled me to advance my development as a Potter.

I’ve continued to do my day job, working on different design jobs to support my family and pay (most) of the bills.


What inspires you?

I started working with clay a year ago. Learning all I can about pottery has been hugely inspiring and the main driving force behind the development of my own practice. I am fascinated by the inherent beauty of objects that have been made by hand - their provenance and the stories they tell.

Since graduating I have had several jobs; shop-keeper, designer, charity worker. Many have been hugely rewarding and some have been less so. 

However, I have always struggled to answer the question ‘what do you do?’ 

From the moment I sat down at a wheel I knew that I had found the answer. Over the last year I’ve fallen in love with all things clay and from my first pot I knew I wanted to be a ‘Potter’.

Is there any other discipline that encompasses so many processes? From the meditative action of centering, the physicality of wedging clay, to the alchemy of firing and glazing. At the end of a day in the studio I’m tired, fulfilled, satisfied.

Of course, the landscape in South-West Scotland and the people who have supported me are also huge inspirations.


Where can I buy your work?

I am currently working towards my first shop opening - a small collection of functional, wheel-thrown pots for your home; cups, bowls and tumblers.

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