Potter's Gauge

Samuel Sparrow Potters Gauage.jpg

Given the opportunity I am always keen to find a way to make my own tools.

I am motivated by the opportunity to understand how tools are put together and the chance to customise and simplify a design.

However, more often than not the motivation is to find a more economical alternative to the expensive options available online.

So I set about to find a way to make my own adjustable wooden gauge.

Many production potters use pointers or gauges when throwing. The height and width set - they allow you to throw to a precise position - often necessary when making repeat forms. Of course I could use a ruler or even a feather, both are cheaper alternatives. However, I find stopping to reach for a ruler to check a dimension an unwelcome distraction when I throw.

The ‘pointers’ were cut from rubber and are designed to be easily replaced. The arms are attached to the body with white nylon bolts and wingnuts - chosen for strength.

Each piece was laser cut from a sheet of 3mm birch plywood. I then sanded them to remove the burn flare from the laser, laminated them together and finished them with three coats of Osmo Polyx Oil (Raw).

Thank you to Jenny and the Team at Cut by Beam based at Argal Home Farm for laser cutting the components.

I have a small batch of my potter’s gauges available for pre-order - Worldwide shipping available. Please get in touch if you would like more info.


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